Our sessions maximize the use of your time on the ice in a fun, relaxed atmosphere.  Emphasis is on individual skill development so it does not matter what level you are as a player.  Many ladies are intimidated on the ice because they feel as though they are at a different level than others; that is why our clinics focus on improving individual skills and are open to players of all abilities.  We look forward to seeing you on the ice!  


Saturday, March 28th
 Postponed to upcoming date due to arena's being closed in the city of Ottawa. 

 Shooting & Puck Skills Clinic

Shooting/Puck Skills: This session is designed specifically to develop an individual’s shooting and puck skills. The drills will reinforce proper technique and build on one another so that as the players become confident with the basic skills, they are challenged to use those skills in motion and eventually in game simulation drills.

Beginner (10 spots)/ Intermediate (10 spots)


$30 per session or $125 for a value card ($25/5 sessions)
*value cards are non-transferable and expire at the end of each season (Sept 2019 - mid April 2020)


Please send us an email at ecesports@hotmail.com if you would like to be added to our mailing list

August 2019 - April 2020 Rates (Taxes Included)

 Our Adult Sessions will begin in September, 2019 and end  April, 2020. 

A) Female ADULT development sessions
(1 hour sessions)
$125 value card for 5 sessions ($25/session).  The value cards expire end of April 2020 and are non-transferable
B) Team sessions 
(rates are for 1 hour sessions)
Team pays cost of ice rental (we can assist in securing the ice), plus:

 1-4 sessions: $155 for 1 instructor, $30 for each additional instructor
 5-10 sessions: $145 for 1 instructor, $30 for each additional instructor
11+ sessions: $135 for 1 instructor, $30 for each additional instructor

C) Private/semi-private sessions 
(1 hour sessions)
(Ice must be secured by the client, we do not provide the ice)
Private: $140
2-3 players: $75/each player
 4-6 players: $65/each player
more than 6: $45 per player